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There is lots of speculation about a man and woman’s sexuality. A couple engages in intercourse not only for reproduction but to satiate each other’s sexual needs. While the sexual needs are only related to intercourse as the term indicates, it carries a lot more than just physical togetherness. It is not only a biological need it also is emotional connection. Research shows us that women most often connect intercourse with emotional bonding while men fall short in emotional quotient and can indulge in casual sex more often than a woman. Whatever the reasons are, ultimately intercourse leads to exploring one’s sexuality and to attain pleasure. Both men and women’s strive hard to impress each other on bed by making efforts to please and seek the other’s attention to maximum levels. While at it, they often forget that instead of enjoying it, they deviate their concentration to the methods and ways they have learned about or come across.Concentration is the main key to enjoy what you and how you do rather than implementation of methodology. While having said this, it is also necessary to know your basics and have a good knowledge about yours as well as your partner’s sexuality and desires. Ways to reach the peak are many, but what you chose has to be what your partner is looking for.

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