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What’s wrong with Allopathic medicine for sexual disorders

What’s wrong with Allopathic medicine for sexual disorders

The launch of sildenafil (Viagra), world’s first orally active drug for sexual disorder in men  for a condition called Erectile dysfuction caused an extensive debate about the pros and cons of allopathic medicine; but more importantly it generated mass awareness of sexual dysfunctions, reduced the stigma attached to a great degree and awarded it a status of a medical condition that can now be treated by a doctor.

Very often these drugs are used unprescribed by many and with an innate nature to react with body conditions; They have effects some very adverse and others mild enough to take a back seat, especially when compared to the pleasure and confidence men derive and attribute to these medicines.

Allopathic or English medicines innately react with your body composition and other conditions and have some side effects

Commonly men who consume this complain of aches and pains including, back pain, muscular pains, headaches accompanied by  flushing, indigestion, stuffy nose and dizziness which at times is extreme resulting in fainting too. a condition called blue vision or temporary vision changes are other marked side effects across popular medicines like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis.

In some cases there are adverse and extreme effects

A small percentage of men have registered sudden loss of vision and hearing after taking this medicine. However it is not conclusively proven if the result is a direct outcome of the intake or a reaction to a pre existing condition

Another extreme side effect noted is Priapism or continued erection that needs medical treatment to return to normal form. Though rare, it is critical and can cause damage to the organ.

It provides short term benefit without actually treating the root causes.

The popular medicines for sexual disorders are competent of adding short time pleasure or increased sexual performance without actually addressing to the cause of the problems.

Many general health issues like heart diseases,  sugar levels, obesity, psychological state or even lifestyle choices has been proven to affect your sexual health.

Hardened arteries affect sexual health with improper flow of blood, a sign of atherosclerosis where blood vessels are clogged or narrowed and might cause a heart attack. Erectile dysfunction could well be a pre cursor as early as 3-5 yrs to a possible fatal attack

Similarly diabetes can cause damage to blood vessels and nerves leading to inability to hold an erection for long or soft erection and medicines prescribed for sexual dysfunctions do not factor this root cause indicator and tide over by providing temporary performance enhancement

Many hormonal changes in a human body with weight gain or loss results in hormonal changes that might affect the effect of these medicines. Obesity is proven to worsen erectile dysfunction and so is hypogonadism or low testosterone proven on its effect to cause erectile dysfunction

However the psychological issues that bear direct impact in sexual disorders are often untreated and overlooked in this one layered treatment plan and at times depression medications and sexual disorder prescriptions together are seen to cause an unwanted effect.

Excessive drinking, smoking illegal drugs and other common lifestyle ailments of modern men are also contributing factors acknowledge but left untreated or untouched with the medicines in Allopathy; what’s more the reaction or combined effects are untoward and unexpected in most cases.

(PS – why else do most manufactured products come with a disclaimer on the content as part of the safety manuals!!!)

Technological advancement offers an array of remedies including Penis pumps, surgical implants and concur that Viagra, Levitra and Cialis aren’t a safe or effective choice for some men; it could or could not be you.

Thus its much preferred that you attend to your general health conditions first by seeking remedial treatment for these underlying causes of erectile dysfunction and prevent related health problems and improve sexual wellbeing too. i.e to be safer you better consult a heart specialist to a lifestyle counselor or just reach our sexologist for a legacy of alternate, unique and 100% safe and successful methodology.

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