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Premature Ejaculation – sexologist in bangalore

Treatment for premature ejaculation in bangalore

coupleIf we have some trouble around sex, it’s quite unlikely that we would talk about it. All sorts of sexual issues, such a ejaculating too early, not ejaculating at all or not having a sufficient erection are often kept secret, as we might feel embarrassed or inappropriate about it. However, all these things are much more common then we might think, and it is a shame to keep suffering in silence. Often, the problem is much easier and quicker to solve than we assume.

What is premature ejaculation?

This is a condition whereby the male experience a quick discharge of the seminal fluid. In general language, when he comes too soon before the female partner climax. The male climax is experienced when the seminal fluid is discharged from the penis during a sexual intercourse. For men suffering from premature ejaculation, this occurs just too soon. Naturally, one issue with premature ejaculation is that it deprives both partners of the fun and enjoyment accrued to sex. The male feels unsatisfied because he failed to control the pleasurable sensation of sex for a long period while the female feels disappointed because her dream of reaching climax during sex just got cut off.

What is the normal duration of Intercourse ?

Though premature ejaculation is viewed as a situation whereby he comes too soon, but the fact is there is no limit to how soon. This means that there is no fixed time limit that can be used as a standard to describe a man suffering from premature ejaculation. However, ejaculation fact has inferred that men who ejaculates within two minutes of penetration are suffering from premature ejaculation, but the fact is that this research has been nullified because latest ejaculation fact has made it known that over 50% of men’s population, irrespective of age are known to ejaculate within two minutes, and in some cases, women are well satisfied with 2 minutes. There are many causes of premature ejaculation and of course they vary depending on individual as well as other factors. The truth is that there are higher chances that even a healthy male would experience any case of quick discharge of sperm at a point in their lifetime.

How long it takes for a woman to reach orgasm?

This partially verified previous research that revealed that generally females need 4-13 minutes to achieve an climax. Perhaps the most  adverse impact of early climax is the one on man’s self-confidence. The lack of it can seriously harm overall quality of man’s lifestyle and his efficiency in other fields. If you feel sexual inadequate that will certainly cause performance anxiety, concern with failure, shame and

How common is premature Ejaculation?

If you are experiencing this condition, you are not alone. Statistics has shown that over 70% of males ranging from ages of 18 and 59 are often Face premature Ejaculation.

How premature ejaculation effects your woman?

What is important here is to find a cure for premature ejaculation, because your partner is not happy with the situation. Women often react to issue of quick discharge from their partner. Women’s reaction to premature ejaculation is mostly based on playing the blame game. They often blame their partner because they feel like he is not taking any step to solving Premature Ejaculation, some other women starts to get worried by ruminating on questions like, “What is wrong with him?”, “Why can’t he control himself?”, “Why does he let me down every time?”, “Why doesn’t he care for me?” and a lot more. This is why it is important for the male to let his partner understand the situation on ground and make her realize that it is not just his problem and see a doctor.

How premature ejaculation effects a relationship ?

Premature ejaculation (PE) has been associated with a range of negative psychological effects, including anxiety, depression and distress in men and their woman partners.  The psychosocial or interpersonal distress that results from PE may effect men’s quality of life and partner relationships, their self-esteem and self-confidence, and can act as an obstacle to single men forming new partner relationships

So what cause premature ejaculation even in healthy males?

Well, studies have shown that the foundation of most cases of premature ejaculation is usually psychological and physical too. Apparently, premature ejaculation is the main outcome of fear of sexual failure.

Most times, it is related to a condition known as erectile dysfunction which, of course can be treated using medications.

Though premature ejaculation could occur through masturbation, but we still need to know the real cause of premature ejaculation and procure ways to control premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is classified as either:

  1. life long or primary
  2. secondary 

The terms doctors used to determine the severity in causes of premature ejaculation is the “primary and secondary”. Primary explains the fact that the problem has long been in existence before he started having sex. While the secondary means that it started to occur after some period of an active sexual life. Just as we mentioned earlier, the causes of premature ejaculation is mostly psychological, one of it is a childhood history of an encounter with certain family attitude towards sex which may lead to “rush” to complete sexual intercourse because you think it is a dirty or prohibited process. Also is impotence (which is a curable condition) can result into that negative feeling of “need to get it done before i lose my erection”

Men who are known to be filled with worries about health, relationship, money or any other stress might not be excluded from experiencing a quick discharge during sex. Also a negative reaction from ones partner might ignite the problem of quick discharge during a sexual activity. Other causes of premature ejaculation can be medically related, but the ejaculation fact is they are rare.

Treatment for premature ejaculation?

After reviewing the causes of premature ejaculation, it is realized that you can perform a cure for premature ejaculation. It all depends on the cause. The cure for premature ejaculation in cases of stress is to figure out the reason for your stress and work on the ways you can get your body and mind relaxed. For the cases of negative childhood history, the cure for premature ejaculation is to consult the Doctor .

As a man it is also important for you to know ways to control ejaculation during sex. One way is to stop moving or slow down when you realize that you are close to climax. This process might be hard at first, but with time you will learn it well. This is one of the best ways to control premature ejaculation.

The squeeze technique is another way to control premature ejaculation. You need your partner to help you out on this. When you realize you are getting close to orgasm, ensure her to tighten her vagina all around your penis so that your level of arousal will be reduced and this will surely give you control over your ejaculation.

When you are close to the point of ejaculating, stop and wait for some minutes before you start again. Repeat this process till when you are ready to spill out.

Try out kegal exercise too as it will help you control premature ejaculation.

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