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  • Free consultation with sexologist in bangalore

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    Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Are you married? age sex Do you smoke ? Do you Drink? Do you have Hypertension Are you diabetic Your country? which city? Requirred TreatmentREAD MORE
  • Spermatocele causes and treatment

    Spermatocele causes and treatment0

    What is Spermatocele? It is a painless, fluid-filled spermatic cyst or encysted hydrocele of the testicle or epididymis. It contains sperm that may or may not be alive. It feels like a smooth, firm lump in the scrotum on top of the testicle. Causes of Spermatoceles : The exact cause of spermatoceles is not known.

  • does penis size matters?

    does penis size matters?6

    The size and it’s efficiency matters altogether different to various set of women. Preferences vary from woman to woman.