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phimosis – tight penis foreskin

phimosis – tight penis foreskin

It is a painful condition in which it is very difficult to retract the fore skin of the penis to reveal the
glans due to excessive tightness. if it is forcibly retracted then it can cause tissue damage. men who have undergone circumcision will not face the painful condition. it is quite normal for most babies and toddlers to face initial difficulty in retracting their foreskin but with time and age phimosis mostly resolves.

circumcision maybe required if phimosis is not resolved by adolescence as this condition can cause discomfort, pain or burning during urination. it can also cause difficulty while having intercourse.


paraphimosis is another condition which is very uncommon.the foreskin once retracted gets trapped behind the glas penis and cannot be pulled back. if this continues for a few hours then the blood flow to the penis is limited or stopped. it is very dangerous and medical help is required. if you are not able to re position your foreskin to its proper position and are experiencing swelling, tightness,constrictions or not able to urinate
then seek medical attention immediately.

Treatment for Phimosis.

the simple and most effective permanent cure for this is circumcision.this refers to the surgical retraction of foreskin (removing foreskin from the penis)

where to get help
your doctor
your local community health center.

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1 Comment

  • Anna Collins
    May 25, 2022, 7:22 am

    Thanks for letting us know that men who have undergone circumcision won’t have to worry about phimosis, so it’s best to retract their foreskin while they’re still young. My nephew has been feeling pain because of foreskin excessive tightness according to my sister, so they plan to take him to a medical center soon. Hopefully, they’ll be able to find a cure for phimosis.