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Sexual weakness in men – Sexologist in bangalore

Impotency – What it means

weak_erectionImpotency is derived from a Latin word meaning lacking physical strength or vigor or weak also interpreted as lacking in Sexual power or sexual weakness, as to act effectively; this perhaps very well describes the situation with men and their sexual wellness; as it is commonly associated with men and their incapability of sexual intercourse, often because of an inability to achieve or sustain an erection. Its medical terminology equivalent is Erectile Dysfunction or Difficulties

Earlier impotency was considered as a result of anxiety and a psychological disorder, but according to the erectile dysfunction institute, up to 90% cases of impotence are physical and not psychological in our times. Most common context in majority cases of impotence includes physical dysfunctions like prostate cancer or inflammations hormonal imbalances, diabetes, obesity or high cholesterol levels. However a more realistic ratio agreed by experts in factors of impotence is 70% physical and 30% psychological.

Young men are more prone to psychological causes as sheer act of perceived pleasure sex, anxiety levels of performance, of getting their partners approval or even impregnating them is a great pressure. Amongst middle age men fatigue and stress, work – life imbalance and lifestyle habits like alcohol consumption of the person, plays a major role. But in older men physical causes are more common. High blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid or kidney problems, heavy smoking, drinking, pelvic surgery or damage to nerves across conditions or the sheer interaction of these medications as side effects is highly noticeable.

However, one of the commonest causes is atherosclerosis – damage to the small blood vessels which control blood supply to the penis. In fact researchers have warned that erectile dysfunction may be an early warning of widespread atherosclerosis which could lead within a couple of years to a heart attack. Psychological problems common across ages include depression, sexual or/and relationship worries. Its thus safe to assume most men at some times in their lives have been unable to achieve or sustain erection as a result of growing stress levels, sheer fatigue at work or excessive alcohol consumption.

Though many drugs and medications are available in the market to fight impotency especially Erectile Dysfunction Medical science suggests that all of these conditions can be managed or in some cases even prevented with a low-fat vegan diet.

Viagra and other anti-impotence drugs may get you through the night, but a vegetarian diet can tide you over your entire lifetime. Several doctors and nutritionists agree that the best way to prevent artery blockage as well as multiple other conditions that cause impotence is to eat a diet high in fiber, including plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

We supplement the suggestion with an herbal or unani therapy. A rich holistic system of medicinal practice based on all things natural. No side effects are a huge plus point and success rates as close as 100% over generations, with practiced expertise makes us credible and authenticated specialists in this field. Discover the natural way to beat impotency. Reach us today to enliven your life and lifestyle.

Tips to maintain the physical and psychological causes under control:

• Beat anxiousness with better information and an awareness.smiling_couple_in_bed_640

• Set right lifestyle habits avoid smoking and excessive alcohol.

• Good vegan diet or a balanced and health nutrition based food helps fight many medical conditions that lead to impotency.

• Regular exercise regime helps maintain health, increase blood flow and energy levels with positive effect on your mind and spirit too.

• Make sure you relax and get plenty of rest to get a healthy balance of mind body and soul.

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