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How to get an hard erection

Erection is a result of direct stimulation to the central nervous system by actually stimulating the man's erogenous spots. It occurs in response to stimulation to various senses too like visual, smell, touch and sound.

How does erection occurs?

Erection is a result of direct stimulation to the central nervous system by actually stimulating the man’s erogenous spots.  It occurs in response to stimulation to various senses too like visual, smell, touch and sound.  There is a gush of blood flow in the penis when the central nervous system is stimulated and therefore resulting in an erection.

Getting erection isin’t hard but getting a hard one is

A hard erection is every man’s vital necessity in order to satisfy his partner and have a good sex life.  Lacking this could bruise his pride and ego leading to stress in the relationship and gradual withdrawal from sex life.  Again since erection is result of stimulation to erogenous spots it is very necessary to focus and avoid any kind of distractions during intercourse.  Good erectile functioning is a very important factor for mutual satisfaction during intercourse; this can depend on certain conditions and vary from man to man.  The first condition being psychological effect and other being physical effect.

How psychological effect causes soft erection or no erection?

Psychological effect can be caused due to lack of concentration, anxiety, depression, stress, nervousness, being self-consciousness or expecting failure.

Physical effect can be caused due to idiopathic health disorders; certain organic causes related to kidney, heart, lungs, skin, and liver etc. Apart from these 2 aspects there are other conditions related to nervous system, endocrine, hormonal factors, blood disorders, and nutritional factor etc which also can cause problems in erectile functioning.

Here are ways to get hard erections:

* Your eating habits need a nutritional check. What you eat can strike a great deal with how you fare through. Eat protein and vitamin rich foods and junk food should be avoided as much as possible.

penis_size* Don’t expect your sex life to be as exciting as it was when u first had intercourse. The level of curiosity and excitement gradually decreases to certain degree; this is because you have been at it for a number of times. Mind is an important factor here, it controls the whole event. So do not ponder a lot about the excitement part and concentrate on what new you can do to improve your sex life. Spend more time in foreplay, definitely stimulation to the sensitive spots and relaxing yourself while you are at it can light up the old sparks again. It was easier to get a hard erection during the initiation stage of sex life this could happen because of the high levels of curiosity, anticipation, and urge, never compare those days to the current ones and start worrying about erectile disorders, there is nothing wrong if you don’t get a hard erection instantaneously as you used to. Shift from the monotonous routine of intercourse and discuss with your partner and try new ways to spice it up.

* Get good sleep unless you want to doze off at wrong time. Sleep deprivation can alter your concentration leading to poor erection. A good 8-hour sleep is a must to relax your body and mind.

* Be stress-free and leave your office work and conflicts at office. Carrying a burden on your back and then hitting to bed to make love is a bad idea; a good erection and your partner need an undivided concentration during intercourse.

* Binging on junk food rather high-fat content foods, high caffeine intake, alcohol dependency, smoking habits can nicecouplefurther effect yours erectile functionality.

* Daily exercises such kegel exercises will definitely work wonders both on your body as well as your erectile functioning.

* Masturbating can decrease your sexual urge and also a repeated erection and ejaculation can further lead to weak erection.

* To get a quick erection it is necessary for good foreplay and to be attentive during intercourse. It is easier for a novice to get a quick erection but for the experienced you need to work it out. Changing the routine stuff on bed can play the trick.

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