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does penis size matters?

thinkingDoes penis size matter’s?

While there is a common notion about the size of the penis and it being directly proportionate to the satisfaction factor, there are yet lot of other factors which actually contribute to attain mutual satisfaction.  It has become the mens ultimate desire to have the perfect size in order to satisfy a woman, but size very often is just an entity and not an asset.

So does the penile size really matter?

The size and it’s efficiency matters altogether different to various set of women.  Preferences vary from woman to woman.  Few would prefer the length and few the girth, but size, shape can never fully satisfy any woman.  It is a myth that size matters to woman.  There is a research which also talks about the length of the time you spend in the foreplay and the session actually impacting a woman’s satisfaction level to a much higher extent.  Men can put aside the worry about the size or shape because that is the only thing a woman is looking for.  Fact is women look for a whole lot of emotion quotients involved in the intercourse than the size and shape.

what is the Average size of penis?

The average size of an erect penis is about 5.88 to 6.2 inches.  Most of the men have fall into the average slot, however, there is a very small percentage of adult men, about 0.6%, who suffer from a condition called micropenis which calls for medical attention.

Size of penis and its effect on pregnancy

The required size of the penis to penetrate enough to impregnate is about 4 inches in the erect form.  There are lots of misconception with regards to this as to how the size effects reproduction.  Using certain positions such as missionary and slow withdrawal can help to a great extent.

How penis size effects a man’s ego?

Men have inhibitions about the size, it is an issue of their pride and ego.  Most of the times not having the right size becomes their greatest issue and this further alters their confidence level and effects their social life.  Feeling small, depression, inferiority complex, aggressiveness, withdrawal from society, shyness, solitude lifestyle, attention deficit syndrome many such psychological conditions can arise due to this small inhibition about size of penis.  In such acute conditions it is better to immediately seek doctor’s or counselor’s advice.  It something bothers you to this level it is always better to talk to someone who know about this and will guide you in the right way.  Talking to your partner can also be of great help to you, by this you can know whether or not the size really matters to her.

Exercise and diet

Yoga and simple exercises can bring in much difference in your lifestyle.  Relaxing body, energizing, and increasing your stamina plays a vital role in a healthy sexual life rather than worrying about the size and shape.  Good timely food intake and right diet are also important.  A tiring, lethargic, deprived sleeping habits or stressed routine can also effect your sexual life.

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