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How to maintain erection

slider20How to Maintain  erection.
Maintaining erection is an issue where in the man is unable to maintain erection through the intercourse leading to an upset partner and a hurt ego. If you or your partner is not in a mood for sex then it becomes difficult to maintain erection because of the difference in physical response.

* Speak to your partner about certain foreplay techniques which can help you increase your sexual desire and prolong the pleasure.

* Having intercourse when in good mood is suggested rather than compelled one.

* Anticipation and desire to quickly finish the act can have a reverse effect leading to loss of erection during intercourse.

Flaccid erection (soft erection), what is it?

This is a condition where in the erection is a soft or a weaker one which leads to lack in sexual fulfillment for both man and woman. This is a common issue and is most of the times due to psychological aspect. Trying the before-mentioned methods can help one to have a firmer erection. Overall boosting your sexual desire and talking with your partner to help have a better sex life and
making certain changes in the monotonous ways can get you into the same mood as you were when you had intercourse for the first time.

While all these are tips by which you can get a good erection, it is not always that one can rely on these solutions. The root cause can vary from man to man and it can also be a medical issue altogether which one cannot deduce easily. When everything else fails, you know that the cause for the problem is something different and that is when you need to consult your doctor immediately. Refrain from self-medicating and usage of Viagra without the doctor’s consent.

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