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Erection is a result of direct stimulation to the central nervous system by actually stimulating the man’s

erogenous spots. It occurs in response to stimulation to various senses too like visual, smell, touch and

sound. There is a gush of blood flow in the penis when the central nervous system is stimulated and

therefore resulting in an erection. A hard erection is every man’s vital necessity in order to satisfy his

partner and have a good sex life. Lacking this could bruise his pride and ego leading to stress in the

relationship and gradually withdrawing from sex life. Again since erection is result due to stimulation to

erogenous spots it is very necessary focus and avoid any kind distractions during intercourse. Good

erectile functioning is a very important factor for mutual satisfaction during intercourse; this can depend

on certain conditions and vary from man to man. The first condition being psychological effect and other

being physical effect.

Psychological effect can be caused due to lack of concentration, anxiety, depression, stress,

nervousness, being self-consciousness. Physical effect can be caused due to idiopathic health disorders;

certain organic causes related to kidney, heart, lungs, skin, and liver. Apart from these 2 aspects there

are certain conditions related to nervous system, endocrine, hormonal factors, blood disorders, nutritional

aspect etc which also can cause problems in erectile functioning.

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