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How Diabetes effects your sex life

Diabetes and Your Sex Life:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADiabetes is a condition where in the production of insulin  by the pancreas is not insufficient. Diabetes in men and women on a long term causes nervous system damage. This in contrary affects the erection process in men leading to erectile dysfunction which means inability to maintain or get an erection. About one-third of men having diabetes are reported to having experienced erectile dysfunction. Most often diabetes is diagnosed as a secondary diagnosis during assessment of erectile dysfunction.

Once a remedy is found for diabetes and treatment is started to regulate insulin production even the sexual problems gradually subside. In women diabetes most often accompanies vaginitis, thrush, white discharge, burning sensation, dyspareunia, and also relapsing cystitis. Women also face arousal issues and loss of response to stimulation to the clitoris. Such situations make it very difficult to lead a normal and healthy sex life.

What to Do When Diabetes Affects Your Sex Life

  • controlling blood glucose.
  • lowering cholesterol.
  • lowering triglyceride levels.
  • lowering blood pressure.
  • get rid of dryness: For persistent vaginal dryness (for woman)
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce stress
  • Treat depression

Seeking a good doctor’s consultation is necessary.
It is necessary to rule out damage of nervous system, once this is ruled out through tests one can be assured that their sexual life can be recovered through medications. It is better to rectify when at root level rather than worsening the whole situation. Consult a good doctor who can appropriately diagnose your problem and address your problems with a suitable medication. Let this not affect you psychologically. There are lots of remedies, but do not fall a prey of self medication instead consult a doctor for a proper and sustaining solution.

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