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Nocturnal Emission

Wet nights – The dry facts

menshealthwetdreamsWet nights are more than a physical phenomenon in men. They mark the onset of puberty and the telling tales is often a source of embarrassment creating havoc for the young boys all set to discover their sexuality. Some men have the emissions only at a certain age, while others have them throughout their lives following puberty. There are highly varied experiences of nocturnal emission amongst men, it would be safe to assume that the frequency is higher amongst teens and gets lower as men age.

Wet dreams are a completely normal part of growing up. They are unconscious reactions and involuntary. They happen as your body prepares for sexual and reproductive maturity and are a good indication that your reproductive system is working normally. There is nothing you can do to stop them, and, in fact, you shouldn’t try to. As embarrassing as it is, be happy that they happen – it means you’re developing normally.

Voluntary ejaculation or masturbation is often offered as a redress system. Alfred Kinsey a sex research expert agrees that masturbation and nocturnal emissions may be related.  He found there may be “some correlation between the frequencies of masturbation and the frequencies of nocturnal emissions. In general the males who have the highest frequencies of nocturnal emissions may have somewhat lower rates of masturbation. Some of these males credit the frequent emissions to the fact that they do not masturbate; but it is just as likely that the reverse relationship is true, namely, that they do not masturbate because they have frequent emissions.”

In 1953, Alfred Kinsey, Ph.D., the famous sexuality researcher, found that nearly 40 percent of the 5,628 women he interviewed experienced at least one nocturnal orgasm (orgasms during sleep), or “wet dream,” by the time they were forty-five years old. A smaller study published in the Journal of Sex Research in 1986 found that 85 percent of the women who had experienced nocturnal orgasms had done so by the age of twenty-one… some even before they turned thirteen. In addition, women who have orgasms during sleep usually have them several times a year. Dr. Kinsey and his colleagues defined female nocturnal orgasm as sexual arousal during sleep that awakens one to perceive the experience of orgasm. Girls and women who don’t have orgasms in their sleep, or who don’t know whether or not they’ve had them, are perfectly normal. It may be easier for men to identify their wet dreams because of the “ejaculatory evidence.” Vaginal secretions could be a sign of sexual arousal without orgasm.

Dealing with Wet Dreams

It’s very common to have spontaneous erections during puberty, and there is not much a boy can do to stop it. Many suggest healthy food patterns and good exercise. Masturbation is the healthy alternative suggested by doctors’ and sexologist. Nevertheless, these are some ways to deal with it. 

side_effects_of_viagra_1Wearing tighter styles of underwear can help in a big way.

Another thing you can do is to sit down when you have an unexpected erection, or cover it with something.

Focus on something else till it goes away. Most importantly, remember, it happens to everyone.

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